Mamma Mia!

When AKA started to develop the campaign branding for MAMMA MIA! The Musical, we were thrilled to start work on such a well-known product that had stood the test of time.

However, as this tour was an all-new production, we were faced with the challenge of not having access to any previous footage or imagery from the MAMMA MIA! vault.  Hitching our wagon to the ever-popular Carpool Karaoke phenomenon, AKA created a commercial celebrating the journey to the theatre, celebrate the joyous feeling MAMMA MIA! has, and continues to have, all around the world.

For the first time ever, MAMMA MIA! now has a TV commercial without production footage or imagery. What is it about the music of ABBA, that is just so infectious? How could we portray that feeling you get when you hear the songs? You can’t really put it into words, so we just turned on the radio…